The Journey of


Lisa Wu is a staple in the entertainment industry with a career that spans over 20 plus years. 


Lisa started in this industry as a background dancer who toured and opened shows for artists such as Public Enemy, Epmd, Candy Man and many others. She eventually became an artist herself in a group called 19. After several studio sessions and meetings with label execs 19 was on their way! They were offered a deal but Lisa had a change of heart and answered her calling to the ministry. 


In 1999 she went on to write and produce a Gospel stage play "A Change is Gon' Come," directed by Tyler Perry. Little did she know, a change was coming! She was back into the industry she was never supposed to leave. 


Lisa went on to host and produce a entertainment show called "The Industry" that aired on UPN. She wrote, produced and starred in a feature entitled "Blackball" and co-produced a feature titled "Tapped Out."

She was cast on the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" seasons 1,2 and some of 3. She returned back to her love of acting, writing and producing. 


Lisa has acted in several movies: "Must be the Music" with Charles Dutton and Tasha Smith, "Envy or Greed" with Rockmund Dunbar, "First Impressions" with Laman Rucker and Elise Neal, " At Mamu's Feet" with Carl Payne, Dorien Wilson and Tommy Ford, "The Internship" with Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, and "Meet the Browns." Ms. Wu was also one of the Hollywood Divas for season 1-3. She is starring in two films that will be released this year -- "Professor Mack" and London Mitchell’s "Christmas," several appearances on CNN and countless talk shows.  

Lisa has written several books and co-authored a book entitled "When the Cake is Made," which is being adapted for the screen. 

She is developing several television shows and will be shooting a new feature that she wrote and will also produce. 


She is also starring as the lead in a play entitled "Stripped"  She is due to release "Sydney's Adventures," a children's book series and "Evolve," a self help book inspired by some of her never-spoken-before life's events. Fans will get an even closer look into Lisa's life,her struggles and survival. Lisa continues to allow GOD to use her and her gifts as she motivates and inspires women/men dealing with self-esteem issues and domestic violence.


Although, her expertise in front and behind the camera is extensive, Lisa has no plans of slowing down, only adding to her list of accomplishments.