We are accepting registrations from the age of 6 years old. However, all persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian or parent at all times. No exceptions.


If your child is interested in advancing their talents, you may have considered the many opportunities, including the financial rewards, success, traveling, meeting interesting people, and being exposed to cultures from around the world. At the same time, you are probably concerned about all the negatives such as drugs, predatory men and women, eating disorders, warped values, exposure to new and unfamiliar environments, etc.


We understand that allowing your child to attend our convention is a huge first step. Preparation and training require a major time commitment, support of a child’s dream involves the entire family, and the cost must be balanced between being seen as an investment in a child’s future or a stretch of financial resources.


You may also be thinking, I really don’t know anything about the business. Why should I let my child go to the convention? If an agent is interested in my child, will we have to move to a big city? I have other obligations, how can I let my child go off on their own to a big city? How do I know if this is legitimate? Etc, etc, etc….


No worries, many of your questions have been answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section. Other concerns can be addressed by contacting us directly at +1 678 768 3717.


And some life-altering questions can only be answered by looking at what is best for your child. We obviously can’t address every question or situation that may arise because each family’s situation and questions are different. What we can do is try to address concerns about our convention and the opportunities/perks they will receive as an attendee.





1)      Choose your category: 


·         Models – High fashion, lifestyle, commercial, social influencers, Athletes, fitness

·         Musicians – Singers, DJ’s, producers, singers, bands

·         Actors – Reality stars, theater, movies

·         Dancers – Pop, Hip Hop, classical, latin, cultural

2) Process:

.        Click on your category link/page that describes your talent

.        Read and understand all the instructions.Then please fill out the registration form.

.        After you fillout the form, one of our talent representatives will get in touch with you.

.        When you are ready, you will then receive a package describing the registration process

.        Once you have registered, you will be guided from that point on by our staff members.


1) You will get to meet the worlds top agents, managers,executives, media & casting directors

2) Each registered member can attend all the workshops, auditions & castings. Registrations are not valid for the after parties or awards show

3) Each attendee will get to learn first hand of what it really takes to make it in this tough industry

4) All registered members can choose what to attend. From workshops, competitions, Concerts and weekend events are separate

5) Win cash & prizes, contracts and much more

6) Winners from each category will be signed to a management contract where we will invest in everything you need to become a star.



No one under 18 years of age, will be allowed to attend without a legal parent or guardian. We are not responsible for anyone's personal security! 

Our registration fees are so low; we cannot cover any of your transportation, food/beverage or accommodation needs. However, we do suggest that you stay 5 miles around our convention center. Address: 1735 Defoor Place. Atlanta GA 30318 

We also suggest that you get secure hotels around the following areas: Downtown Atlanta, Midtown Atlanta, Buckhead and the city of Smyrna.


Please note: We cannot guarantee a signed contract but we strive to provide the best options available for you to excel. If you follow our lead and work hard we will make sure you become successful. For those that don't win, use The Journey Experience to absorb knowledge, network and work on your flaws for the next opportunity!



Anyone can sign up and nominate their favorite celebrity or influencer who makes an impact. We will tally your results and use that as our gauge to nominate a leader.


Please Sign up for our newsletters, updates, prizes & giveaways and follow us @TheJourneyEvents 


Rules, prizes and details are subject to change.

Program is subject to change.Please sign up for our newsletters and follow us @thejourneyevents




The Journey Events is a professional talent organization, offering incredible opportunities between aspiring talents and seasoned top executive professionals from all over the world, to meet all in one place. Established in 2007, we are becoming the new leader of putting new faces in front of people whose business it is to identify the next rising stars.


We work with an impressive and constantly growing list of top agents, managers, executives, media, coaches, trainers, sponsors, directors etc.  People who can transform your career in an instant! These professionals are drawn to our organization because of our organic connection with undiscovered talents.

There are thousands of aspiring talents around the world, who never get real opportunities to display their raw talents. The only other two legitimate organizations with the same concept in North America charge upwards of $5,000 to $10,500 for the same opportunities we offer. And so, our founder decided to apply his 17 years of experience in the industry to help those without a voice or outlets.


It starts off with a week-long convention to be held in Atlanta, GA during July 4th weekend.  Filled with workshops, exciting events, and auditions & networking opportunities. We will also start an array of competitions that will lead up to the grand finale & award ceremonies.




The Journey Events was originally formed in 2007. Our first convention was held in sunny Miami FL. Since then, we have created several opportunities for aspiring talents who have worked with some of the top agencies, management companies & corporations around the world. Our parent companies have been in the entertainment business since 1998. With thousands of events under our belt, we have formed incredible relationships and have plenty of experience of putting together very successful projects.




Our organization has produced and executed hundreds of events that include fashion, concerts, dance competitions, club promotions, pageantry, etc.

We take our time to ensure we work with only legitimate top agents and scouts from around the world. So, even if a talent doesn’t win the top prizes, they get to network, learn and audition for top executives who can change your life forever.

Unlike our competitors, our conventions are professional but still fun! You get a taste of the glitz and glamour life first hand. We offered auditions with top industry professionals, state of the art productions, hip photographers, fun competitions, we give away amazing prizes, throw some of the biggest celebrity red carpet parties, concerts, entertainment and much more.

Our competitors charge an average person a minimum registration fee of $10,500.00 per talent. However we do understand that the average up and coming talents cannot afford those kinds of fees. We made a conscious decision never to over charge for any category. Any charges you get, literally goes back to you. It will be used to plan for your productions, best judge’s fees, venue, events & entertainment costs. We also have straightforward payment plans that will make it easy for you to raise the funds, attend our convention and change your life.

Finally the other two conventions are only limited to NY & LA California. The Journey Events will keep expanding our geographical coverage to make it easier for undiscovered talents that cannot afford the high accommodation and travel fees that an aspiring talent may not be able to afford to peruse their dreams




Our members hold searches to find models, actors, musicians, dancers who are ready to take the next step in their pursuit of a career as a model or performer. As long as you are an official member, anyone may attend the auditions and seminars, but not everyone will qualify to compete at the finals. Members may recommend classes or training so they can assess an aspiring model’s or talent’s commitment and potential. Many people audition to compete more than once, so never lose hope.




To compete at The Journey Events, the minimum age is 6 years old for models, actors, singers and dancers. 




For commercial and fitness models, height and age are less of an issue. However, in the high fashion modeling industry, when designers make clothes for the runway, they make a sample size to fit one body type. Models must fit into that one sample. In addition, samples tend to be made for taller models since long, lean bodies move and look better on the runway. Beginner female fashion models can range in age from 12 up to 23, males 13-28. Modeling agents tend to scout models around the age of 14 when they can start training and preparing a model for his or her career. After age 23 for females or 28 for males, it is much more difficult to begin a career because of the time it takes to develop and promote a new model. 




First step you identify which category you would like to compete or audition in. Then you fill out the form. A representative will contact you to go over exact details. After you have identified whether you want to compete or just want to come for the seminars and events then you pay a small application fee. You will also be instructed on how to qualify. Once you have become an official member, you will plan for your transportation & accommodation while you are in the city.  On arrival, you will be notified where to go by our program directors. You may also attend our glam events and concerts in the evenings. After the seminars, the competition series and elimination processes start.  The invited agents, managers, casting directors and other industry professionals watch and judge the competitions, all while evaluating the skills and potential of the contestants. During the competitions, the industry professionals, agents and scouts are keeping track of those contestants of whom they are interested by noting the contestants’ numbers on “callback sheets.” On Callback, contestants meet with those agents, managers and casting directors who have requested to see them. Callbacks are an opportunity for the agents and the aspiring talent to get to know each other and discuss possible representation, a major step in beginning a career in the entertainment industries. Once our elimination process is complete, you will be notified to attend the finals in Los Angeles to host the Pre Grammy's event hosted by our LA partners. The winners are announced as you start your Journey to live your dreams




There is a wide variety of competition opportunities for the models, actors, singers, dancers at THE JOURNEY EVENTS to demonstrate their skills and potential. Contestants are divided into competition divisions based on age and gender. Models may walk the runway in casual wear in jeans, swimwear or beachwear for the Swimwear competition, and in high fashion for Runway. During Fashion Print, a contestant’s best fashion photographs are shown on large screens for judging. Additional skills are highlighted during TV Beauty, in which contestants are recorded performing commercials for beauty or grooming products. Female models also compete in a photographic Makeup competition. For commercial models, a social media influence is added to the judges score sheets, so be ready to brand and market yourself.

Actors perform a monologue and a commercial in the TV Real People competition. Older actors read before a “casting director” while youngsters perform a short skit pertaining to relevance in the competition. The On-Camera Host competition allows actors to be themselves on camera while reading from a teleprompter in front of a panel of judges. Actors also participate in the Theatrical Headshots/Screen Test competitions where their theatrical headshot photographs are judged, followed by the actor reciting a one-liner that is both live and on-camera.

Other competitions available are Improvisation — where actors perform a short monologue based on a provided scenario — and Commercial Print, which follows the same format as Fashion Print and Theatrical Headshots where a contestant’s best commercial print photos are displayed and judged. 

Singers and dancers initially compete in a preliminary round, with the top scorers advancing to perform in the Talent Showcase. Winners are announced after the short film festival on Sunday

Musicians, including, singers, DJs, producers, and songwriters perform their original works before a panel of judges from the music recording and publishing industry. Finalists perform in the Talent Showcase and winners will be signed to a maxi deal to our top sponsor, Tago Music Factory.

One additional competition that is highly anticipated at each convention is the Team Competition. Contestants from each training center have the opportunity to perform as a group in three different sections: Team Fashion, which is a presentation incorporating wardrobe and a runway routine, Team Singing and Team Dance. These are tentative points to give you an idea. However, programs are subject to change.




No. However, candidates are allowed to compete in sub categories. Competing in modeling and talent completions increases a contestant’s exposure to more agents and scouts, potentially resulting in more callbacks and opportunities and a chance to win the grand prize as a perfect 10 winner. 

Contestants looking to do high fashion modeling must still meet height and age requirements, but many contestants do both modeling and acting. Actors who do not fit into the height and age requirements for high fashion models can still compete as a commercial model.




The agents, personal managers and casting directors invited to attend THE JOURNEY EVENTS are among the who’s who in the modeling and talent industries around the world. Representatives come from all of the major U.S. markets as well as from France, Italy, Canada and Brazil.

THE JOURNEY EVENTS is a “private” convention, meaning only a select list of companies receives an invitation. This ensures that not only are contestants being scouted in a professional, supportive environment, but they are being seen by “the best in the business” – respected agents, managers and casting directors who each have an established reputation in the modeling and talent industries for finding and promoting new faces.

We will keep you updated about VIP & special guests who will be attending the evening celebrations.




Unfortunately, the answer is no, not everyone attending will receive a callback. Why? The answer is not simple. It may be that a contestant did not perform well because of nervousness, lack of preparation, or that at that particular time there were no agents scouting for that contestant’s unique look or skills. Not receiving a callback does not mean a contestant should give up their dream of becoming a success? It may signify a need to refocus on training and preparation. Most successful people in the world never give up on their dreams; they brush setbacks off, get back up and try again until they hit success!




No. Our function is to provide the opportunity for aspiring models and talent to showcase their talent and potential in front of the best agents and scouts for the modeling and talent industries, and in a professional and safe environment. Who gets a callback and is signed for representation is totally up to the agents, managers and casting directors. No one can guarantee jobs or success for models or talent. In short, attending THE JOURNEY EVENTS does not guarantee success; however, it does provide an amazing opportunity to be successful.




During a THE JOURNEY EVENTS convention, a wide variety of workshops and seminars are offered for attendees during whom they receive supplemental hands-on coaching, performance and competition The Journey Events, insider industry knowledge, and frank talks about the realities of becoming a professional model or performer. These workshops and seminars are conducted by experienced, knowledgeable industry professionals with a vested interest in ensuring THE JOURNEY EVENTS contestants are prepared to take the next step toward a career as an actor or model.

In addition to the training opportunities at THE JOURNEY EVENTS for contestants, there are also seminars offered specifically for parents. These seminars give parents the opportunity to ask questions about the business end of modeling and acting, help them learn their role in their child’s career, and provide The Journey Events on balancing a child’s dreams with business realities.




Besides the amazing perks, prizes, and exciting entertainment, a person who attends THE JOURNEY EVENTS can learn whether or not he or she really wants to pursue a career as a model or performer. By the time they get to THE JOURNEY EVENTS, a model or actor has already learned that becoming a professional is not easy; they have learned that they must have runway and modeling coaching sessions, on- and off-camera acting classes, image consulting sessions, photo shoots and more just to get ready to compete in a major market. They have learned they must make a commitment and follow through if they are to succeed.

Whether you are a winner or not, we want you to leave saying that you learnt so much more in one week than you have in years! That you are more motivated than ever and will never give up on your dreams. We want you to build up your self-confidence, learn life skills and make long-lasting friendships while here.




Most conventions charge talents $10,500.00 per individual for the exact same experiences and opportunities we offer. We don’t even come close to that! Depending on your package, we have tickets that start as low as $95. Your registration fee goes towards paying for your entertainment, venues, perks, judges, marketing, gift bags, sound, lights, trainers, agents, grand prizes, DJ, Hosts, etc.

Once you pay in full, you will have unlimited access to all the events on all four days which includes: Celebrity parties, red carpet galas, and concerts. You will also be eligible to compete.

The way we make our profits is through the innovative red carpet celebrity events and the competitions, not through aspiring talents!

We put together a comprehensive package of services and training for contestants and parents wishing to attend THE JOURNEY EVENTS. Each package will vary based on what you include in the package, but typical packages usually include pre-convention training and preparation, headshots and convention registration fees. We do not offer transportation nor hotel fees for now. You are responsible for those. The best way most people should finance attending THE JOURNEY EVENTS is through sponsorship or fundraising. Sponsors may be family, friends or local businesses who provide financial or other support. Some sponsorship may be tax deductible. Fundraisers might include car washes or bake sales. Information and suggestions on seeking financial assistance through sponsorships or fundraisers is available by request.




Yes! We can also work out a payment plan. However, with this plan, please note that your deposit is non refundable. Your final payment must be made prior to attending the convention. No exceptions.




Yes, everyone will be allowed to watch the final competitions. However there will be a cover charge for non members




We have zero tolerance of drug or alcohol abuse during or around our convention. Any violators will be ejected, banned and reported to the proper authorities.




Only those 18 years and above can attend the concerts and after parties. Security shall identify and monitor anyone under 21 to make sure there are no laws being broken or illegal alcohol consumption. Anyone under age found sneaking in or disobeying these rules will be automatically expelled from the convention with no refund.

There will also be an early youth party for those under 18 accompanied by their parents, with tons of giveaways and an early evening event catered to young talents. Youths must be accompanied by guardians and parents at all times.




It is hard to put a value on what are really an investment in the future and an investment in oneself, because the value of THE JOURNEY EVENTS experience will be different for each person. As mentioned above, all attendees should leave with some kind of benefit.

With THE JOURNEY EVENTS, you really won’t lose but you will definitely gain. We do not charge you astronomical fees, you will enjoy a week long experience, you will be entertained, you will learn, and most importantly the biggest value for attending THE JOURNEY EVENTS will be the establishment of professional relationships for aspiring models and talents. For most young people trying to break into the business, they go the route of seeking representation by mailing or dropping off a photo, resume or comp card to an agency, hoping that they will somehow stand out from the hundreds of similar submissions on the same day. If they do not already know someone in New York or Los Angeles, the chances of a face-to-face meeting with an agent—or being able to show that agent who you are and what you can do—are slim to none. Hopeful models and talent may spend many months, much energy and a lot of their financial resources just trying to get a foot in the door.

What THE JOURNEY EVENTS provides is that opportunity to meet—and be seen by—not just one agent, but dozens of top agents, managers, media, industry executives, producers, directors and casting directors at one time. It is the opportunity to show that you have the skills and training to be on the runway or in front of a camera, that you have already made a commitment to becoming a professional, and that you have what it takes to succeed.



The Journey Events was created by our founder, who ran a professional management company from 2001-2006. We have hosted hundreds of celebrity-driven events all over the world. We have worked with reputable partners from all over the world. We have orgarnized very successful independent labels, beauty pageant, night clubs, lounges, restaurants, event centers, clothing companies, hosted dozens of concerts, celebrity based red carpet events, has a major network with some of the top contacts with the who’s who of the entertainment & fashion industry.


After years of dealing with some of the shadiest characters and listening to tons of horror stories from vulnerable talents, he decided enough was enough! Our goal was to revolutionaize the industry. The Journey Events was born Labor Day weekend of 2007 in Miami, FL. Our formula was to take all the negatives and make it into a positive experience for aspiring talents without taking advantage of or demeaning them.


We wanted you to have an opportunity where legitimate talents can meet legitimate scouts and teachers who can change their lives.

The more we researched on our competitors, we learnt that most entities do not deliver on their promises, someone had to change that!

As stated above, some competitors charge up to $10,500. We find that appalling!


We use our minimal registration fee to invest back into you. Put it this way, for what it would cost a talent for a simple amateur photo shoot, you get all our perks and opportunities that will change your life! 


We have a very strong anti-scam policy! We make our money through event ticket sales, endorsements etc. We do our best to make sure our events are safe, successful, cost efficient and everybody leaves town with a very good impression, as we thrive off referrals!


Again, before you join us, let’s be clear about some things. We do NOT guarantee that you will be signed, get a call back or be chosen to win any of the prizes. We do not guarantee your participation in the competitions. But we do guarantee that everything listed on this website will happen!

We are a very transparent organization. Here is how it works. For your first audition, you will only be charged an extremely minimal processing fee. That small fee goes into paying our professional staff through the rigorous process of watching thousands of videos, the costs associated with the project logistics, your packages, online maintenance, etc.

For those that are selected to compete, you will then receive a registration package which will explain all the details and everything that you will get. No dreams, just reality.


At that point you will decide either to invest in your career or continue along the path that you are currently on. At the end of the day, once upon a time, we were all aspiring talents who went through hell to reach this level of success. The last thing we want to do is crush someone else’s dreams!




You will have a chance to mingle and network with some very powerful and famous people from all over the world. Many of you will come from small towns with big dreams and next thing you may be literally walking at the top NY/Paris/Milan fashion shows. Musicians will be working with Grammy winning producers featuring celebrities, some dancers will go on tour with potential celebrities, and some models may be featured on some of the most popular magazines in the world! Actors from nowhere all of a sudden auditioning for a movie roles with a famous director or to shooting a national TV commercial on your very first audition. 

Yes, signing with an agent or manager and getting a high profile modeling job or acting role is the dream and end goal of most talents. But we also seek to mentor those that don’t necessarily make it the first go around. You never quit! You never give up!




THE JOURNEY Event’s goal is to ensure every attendee has the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of becoming a professional model or performer. We accomplish that goal by providing a venue where those hoping to get a start on a career in the modeling or talent industries can showcase their acting, modeling, singing, dancing or songwriting skills to tons of top agents, managers, casting directors and industry VIPs.

The educational opportunities we provide and what a person can learn from attending The Journey Events is comparable to none. The benefits include increased confidence, greater self-esteem and becoming a stronger person. We also talk about this being an investment in your career, and every successful person understands the importance of investing in oneself. The value of attending The Journey Events will be different for each talent, each family, and each person. Attending THE JOURNEY EVENTS does not guarantee success; however, it does provide an amazing opportunity to learn, network with people it would usually take The Journey Events of thousands of dollars to meet, and to discover your inner strengths and how to be successful




Our founder has been part of the talent, modeling and fashion world since 1999. We have organized and owned pageants, concerts, celebrity events, fashion shows, festivals and seminars prior to starting our first The Journey Events event in Miami Beach.

We are an organized convention and deal with only legit top agencies as our line up of judges and scouts. Look on our judge’s page to see the headliners who have received a special invite to be a part of our next convention.

This ensures that not only are contestants being scouted in a professional, supportive environment, but they are being seen by “the best in the business” – respected agents, managers and casting directors who each have an established reputation in the modeling and talent industries for finding and promoting new faces.

Most agents and managers attending THE JOURNEY EVENTS are referred to us by top directors, agents and managers who know our work ethics, and reputation for ensuring the legitimacy, history and credentials of those judging and scouting our contestants. If THE JOURNEY EVENTS learns of any questionable activities or practices by anyone attending our convention, they are immediately escorted out and banned for life!




THE JOURNEY EVENTS is a “closed” convention. In addition to companies needing an invitation to attend and scout, this also means that only registered participants, from contestants, parents, guests, training center staff, invited vendors and staff, are allowed in the venues, competitions and events. Everyone registered receives an ID which must be shown to enter competitions and all of our events. In addition, we have a professional security firm that will be monitoring the convention and present at all times.

Now, we are not the police and cannot guarantee your safety, so we do ask all participants to follow all our guidelines. Children under 18 should be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian at all times. No exceptions. If they are not, they will be automatically be disqualified and sent home!




Once you have qualified to compete in one of our competitions and for some reason you demand your money back, our policy is to hold a 35% inconvenience fee. This is to pay the staff for the processing it took to make sure you were accommodated. Plus, this could have been an opportunity for someone else to benefit during our conventions.

Non-competing talents and all application fees are non-refundable. However, we can hold your passes for the next The Journey Events opportunity.




Please note that each winner shall be offered an exclusive contract with The Journey Events and official partners. For non-competing talents and all industry executives, judges, executives, scouts or agents shall not solicit or contact 3rd parties for a period not less than 360 days, or act in such a manner that would constitute a conflict of interests. All interests and negotiations shall be conducted by The Journey Events. All judges’ decisions are final. If you don’t win this time, don’t give up. Try the next one, you never know! 




Right now, we do not offer any accommodation packages. So, we encourage all our attendees to book their own room and boarding. If you are not driving, try to stay at a hotel close to our activities. However, we will work tirelessly to refer you to the best deals in the city.




Yes! Everyone will be able to buy advance tickets for all our featured events and entertainments.

However guests will not be allowed to attend all the auditions and competitions.


Our competitions are either “Open Set” or “Closed Set.” For Open Set competitions, registered Parents, Guests, Directors and other Contestants are invited and encouraged to be in the competition room along with the Judges. A Closed Set competition is privately judged and only Contestants, Judges and Staff are in the room. The competitions that are Closed Set reflect closely what happens in a professional situation such as an audition.


Open Set competitions are:


Team Competitions 

(Singing, Dancing, Fashion)

Theatrical Headshots 

& Screen Test



Runway & Fashion Print





Improvisation (Improv)




Talent Showcase

Fan Base Tally 

Closed Set competitions are:

Singing Preliminaries

Dancing Preliminaries

Cold Read


TV Beauty Commercials

TV Real People Commercials





* In the Songwriting competition, a Contestant’s Director and Contestant’s Parents/Guests are allowed, but it is closed to all other Contestants, Parents and Guests




Only the agents, contestants and directors are allowed in the callback rooms. However, one Parent may accompany a child 13 years old or younger into the room.

The callback is similar to a job interview. Agents are trying to get to know the Contestants (and their Parents, if accompanied) as well as get an idea of how a Contestant can handle an audition or meeting with a Casting Director. They want to be sure an aspiring model or performer is comfortable talking about his or herself, can willingly and openly discuss goals and ambitions, and can function independently.

At THE JOURNEY EVENTS callbacks, the training center Director is representing your child and you and is responsible for providing guidance to Contestants in the callback room. But rest assured that no decisions regarding your child will be made and no contracts will be signed without you. Should your child be 13 or above and an Agent wishes to discuss representation, the Director can inform an THE JOURNEY EVENTS Staff member who will facilitate getting a Parent access to the callback room for that discussion




We put together a “package” to attend THE JOURNEY EVENTS that typically includes all preparation and training. Once someone has been invited to attend THE JOURNEY EVENTS by one of our member training centers, THE JOURNEY EVENTS Director helps further determine what specific preparation you need by clarifying what his or her goal is in attending THE JOURNEY EVENTS and which competitions they will enter. Preparation for actors may include classes or coaching that focuses on the different competitions, such as on-camera acting for the TV Real People Commercials and On-Camera Host, working on Sitcom and Cold Read scenes, and selecting and rehearsing a Monologue. Models receive runway coaching and on-camera acting for the TV Beauty Commercials. Commercial scripts are provided to Directors several weeks prior to a convention so Contestants have time to memorize and rehearse them. Improv scenarios, Cold Read and On-Camera Host scripts are provided at the Convention just prior to those competitions. All Contestants should receive imaging consultation as well as guidance in nutrition and health so they look and feel their best

Some training center packages will include a photo shoot with a professional photographer, while others may offer it as an option at an additional cost. In either case, professional-looking photos are a model’s or actor’s primary marketing tools. Models need several photos with different poses, wardrobe, hair and makeup to start a portfolio, while performers usually just need a couple of good headshots. A photo shoot is also designed to generate photos for the Fashion Print, Commercial Print and Theatrical Headshots competitions. Most packages will include the cost of placing a head shot in the Program Book. Packages also usually include helping actors create a professional résumé or models putting together a professional-looking portfolio.

The Agents, Managers and Scouts at THE JOURNEY EVENTS understand that THE JOURNEY EVENTS Contestants have little or no professional experience. However, they do expect Contestants to act professionally, be prepared for their competitions, and be ready to begin a professional career. THE JOURNEY EVENTS members are respected for their training and preparation, and THE JOURNEY EVENTS reputation for presenting skilled, marketable and industry-ready models and talent is phenomenal




Talents will pay a minimal but mandatory registration fee that will go towards paying for your entertainment, venues, perks, judges, marketing, gift bags, sound, lights, trainers, agents, grand prizes, DJ, Hosts etc


Once you pay in full, you will have unlimited access to all the events on all four days which includes: Celebrity parties, red carpet galas, concerts, you will also be eligible to compete etc


Please note that this registration fee doesn’t cover your accommodation, transportation, food and maintenance while in Atlanta. Please make early arrangements to cover these necessities. If you are under 18, you have to be accompanied by a legal guardian or parent at all times. We will not be responsible for your well being while here.

We do accept payment plans



Do I need to be on social media to be judged?

Yes. Part of your scores & points will come from your social media campaigns. Please see the Join page to see hash tags and titles to use as your titles


Do I need a Facebook or Instagram account to submit video?

Yes. The contest is run through a Facebook application. If you DO NOT have a Facebook account, please sign up on https://www.facebook.com or download Instagram app


How do I share my submission on social media?

After you have, share your videos on your social media pages.


Where are the “Views” on my submission?

Unfortunately, videos are not tracked by “Views.” The contest is based on votes and THE JOURNEY EVENTS staff’s picks.


Is there a prize rewarded for the most votes?

Yes! The person with the most votes will determine your final judging points


Can I submit more than once?

Yes but you pay more


Do you have a technical support email?

For technical support related questions please contact us directly